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ENTER BY NOV 22, 2024  -  WINNER SELECTED DEC 13, 2024





6.2L V8




This Corvette is so new, it's currently being built!  The C8 Corvette is the most powerful production Stingray in history. Even though it's on its 4th model year, it's still one of the hottest cars on the market.  Even the performance of the most modestly equipped C8 rivals sports car three or four times the price.

Once completed, the 3LT Corvette you can win will be painted in beautiful Torch Red paint and will be equipped with highly desired Z51 Performance Package, GT2 bucket seats, and front lift so you don't scrape the front splitter.

This 2024 Stingray is scheduled for production the week of January 8, 2024.  Stay tuned for more pictures once it is completed!

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